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How to Sync Your Photo To Lightroom Mobile (in 60-seconds or less)

If you’ve ever wondered how hard (or easy) it is to sync a collection of images from Lightroom to Lightroom Mobile, Ben Warde shows you how in less than 60-seconds.

Importing In The Background (While You Work On Other Stuff)

Welcome to a brand spankin’ new week — fresh and full of wonderful...

Lightroom Quick Tip: Hiding Modules

How to hide any module in just one click. Well, two clicks but it’s kinda like one.

Correcting Difficult-to-Remove Spots in Lightroom

It’s Tuesday — time for a 60-second quick tip from Adobe’s own...

Lightroom Tip: Putting Your Images “On The Map”

You don’t even have to own a GPS to do this one – it’s easier than you’d think, and actually a lot of fun to do.

Dear Adobe: Can You Add This Button? (and my new Lightroom course)

OK, what’s missing from this dialog you see every day when you quit...

Review of Backlit Keyboard Created For Lightroom Users

Review of a cool backlit keyboard custom designed for Lightroom users. It’s pretty cool.

Get Quicker Access to Lightroom Mobile’s Camera On Your Phone

It’s Tuesday, and Benjamin Warde is here with a great little tip on...

Lightroom Smart Previews Q&A (Follow up to Friday’s post)

Hi gang, and welcome back to another week here on earth. It’s gonna be...

Five Reasons Why Lightroom Smart Previews Rock!

If you’re not using Smart Previews, here’s five reasons why maybe you oughta! 🙂